Top 7 solar innovations at Solar Power International 2017

Check out the link for some of the most amazing innovation in th solar works right now! My favourite is the thin film technology which will revolutionise the solar industry by allowing us to install solar on almost any surface. The innovation that has the most direct path to uptake is the lift for panels as this is a major OH&S issue in Australia right now and all states’ Worksafe inspectors are clamping down hard on unsafe lifting of panels onto the roof.

Holden Volt runs out of spark.

Once described as “The car of the future”, The Holden Volt has had it’s plug pulled by Holden bosses amid poor sales.

The re-badged Chevrolet sold less than 250 units since it’s introduction in 2013, with only 7 of those sold in 2015.

“In light of General Motors’ decision not to proceed with a right-hand-drive program for the next generation Volt, Holden can confirm that it will not be bringing this electric vehicle to Australia,” said Holden spokeswoman Kate Lonsdale. “Current generation Volt production has now ceased however Holden is committed to supporting Volt customers (with parts and service).”

Poor sales have been attributed to the high price tag of $60,000 for a car the same size as Holden’s own $20,000 Cruze.

Industry spectators have expressed concerns that if a Petrol/Electric Hybrid like the Holden Volt has failed, this may spell disaster for Electric-only vehicles. has more details: Original Article


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